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Tuition Free Online Bible College

I am looking for a Tuition Free Online Bible College. Can anybody help me with that?
submited by: Erica.Holak

  1. To those of you telling others that nothing worth having is free and there are no short cuts, I say this: the Lord never told us that we had to pay to serve Him or that we even needed a degree to be His servants either. To educate men and women of God who want to serve should be every churches responsibility, without us who wish to serve...their would be no more of the Faith.
    1/1/2014 submited by:
  2. What is the main reason to pursue a free/ or cheap unaccredited degree? I can see and understand the desire to learn but, if it is not accredited it is NOT a degree at least one that deserves the respect that others like myself earned. These are individuals who want the quick and easy way out, who do not really want to work but, desire the self glorification of a title they did not earn. If you want to learn that is great, pick up a book and read it, but if you want to earn a degree and have any REAL credentials be willing to go the traditional route. Nothing that is worth having or has value has short cuts.
    1/17/2012 submited by:
  3. I know of True Grace Theological Institute which is a non-denominational, reformed religious educational organization. They offer Certificates through Doctorates. They are not accredited and do not claim to be. They are very straight forward and honest. They use their own material for courses as well as courses developed from free, online bible study resources. Email: Facebook:
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  5. Apostolic Bible College is NOT free. They charge 50.00 per coarse for MMin. degree. THAT'S NOT FREE.
    1/24/2011 submited by:
  6. There is a previous comment that I have to comment on. Free seminary degrees whether accredited or not are not an easy way out. They are not a quick fix. They are for people who desire the education but cannot AFFORD it. Money is a big barrier to a lot of people. Pompous, adolescent "intellectuals" will complain because they spent thousands of dollars for their degree. The issue is not dedication but jealousy. They are simply jealous that people are getting the SAME education as they did but did not shell out the ridiculous amount of money for their work. Money is the only thing that makes an institution accredited.
    1/24/2012 submited by:
  7. Try Bible university because it is truly free of any charges. I am a student and i am doing my doctorate in Biblical studies.
    1/8/2011 Bible university is a tuition free university submited by:
  8. Bible university is completely free. Moreover, the courses taught are free of any denominational influences. It is good to study the Bible like it is presented at Bible University. After you learn the raw truth than you can decide what is what.
    1/8/2011 submited by:
  9. I am proud to be a student at Bible university. I really do not know what to do about the transparency and honesty of the staff at Bible university. They have help me get my degree for free. Also, your spirit filled courses free of any bias are so wonderful. Try Bible university. Ask Professor Mitch King and you will get more information.
    1/8/2011 submited by:
  10. My name is Rutherford Sankawulo and I am a student at Bible University currently doing my doctorate in Biblical Studies. There are students from over fifty countries studying at Bible university. It is completely free of any charge. Try Bible university.
    1/8/2011 submited by:
  11. Bible University is horrible. Don't waste your time.
    10/10/2011 submited by:
  12. if apostolic bible college is free why do we have to pay $30.00 for it if it is free.
    10/11/2010 submited by:
  13. Are you really complaining about $30.00 to get a master's degree? But there is a lot of conflicting information on the who knows if it is really free or not.
    10/2/2010 submited by:
  14. Apostolic Faith IS NOT tuition free. I have just looked at the website and it is $30 registration fee, $30 per course for undergrad, $40 per course for Masters and $50 per course for Doctoral work. I'm not arguing of complaining but if you are looking for tuition free school work, Apostolic Faith Bible College is not it.
    10/5/2011 submited by:
  15. apostolic faith bible college is definately NOT free. $30 registration, then $30 per course and there are, like 20 something courses for your associates ONLY! If you're getting your masters and not paying, someone isn't being very honest.
    11/17/2010 submited by:
  16. Try Bible University
    11/18/2008 submited by:
  17. i wish ican get the favor.may the almighty guide you as you consinder my request to join you.
    11/4/2009 submited by:
  18. I finished my doctorate at Bible University in 2009. I hold three Bachelor degrees: B.Sc.(1972), B.Comm.(1991), B.A. (1984);a Master of Divinity from Emmanuel College at the University of Toronto (1977), & a D.R.S. from an Anglican College in Florida (2007). I enrolled at Bible University when they still had the Ph.D. program. I finished 25 courses plus a thesis (2009). I recommend Bible University for the quality & support from the faculty. As a disabled former pastor, I appreciated the convenience.
    12/30/2011 submited by:
  19. If you need to get an admittance in a school, college or a university or cause any help in any kind of duty, so don’t get worried. Get ideas about your creation by using term papers writing. I don’t conclude that there is anything debauched in using writing services.
    2/14/2012 submited by:
  20. Here is a free bible institute that you can earn up to a masters degree Apostolic Online Faith institute.
    2/28/2009 submited by:
  21. BU (bibleuniversity) is 100% purely FREE university from Certificate Program to Doctorate Program. BU is the best FREE Online Bible University in the world. httP:// God bless you
    2/7/2013 submited by:
  22. If you are looking for an online, tuition free, degree awarding university; try NationsUniversity ( it is completely free. I am currently studying for B.R.S. degree in the university.It is non denominational, and the standard compares favorably with any university, be it secular or bible-based. Go to the site and verify and you will never regret you did. OJO JOSEPH FOLORUNSO FROM NIGERIA. Remain blessed.
    3/9/2012 submited by:
  23. There is available an eBook called "Absolutely Free Online Bible Schools and Seminaries" that can be purchased for $2 here : It lists about 30 totally free Bible schools, a couple of which have on campus programs, too. It can be paid for with Minno, kind of like PayPal, but it's for "micro-payments" of $2 or less. They'll even give you $2 to sign up, so you can get the eBook free!
    4/27/2011 submited by:
  24. there are two I know of so far, Pillars of Thruth Institute which offers a Bachelors free and Salt Lake Bible College (Baptist/ non-denominational)
    5/29/2011 submited by:
  25. IS Apostolic Bible Collge/ Apostolic Faith Online Really an accredited degree program?
    5/31/2012 submited by:
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